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Many people put off writing their will because they think they are too young to worry about it or think it will be too time consuming and expensive. Fortunately, the process is much simpler and less expensive than most people realise. Our wills and probate solicitors in London and the home counties can show you how to make a will.

The Importance of Making a Will

There are certain times and changes in our situation that would require us to make or alter a will. For example, marriage, separation, divorce, having a child, a serious medical diagnosis, or have another major life change, these will all require us to think about having a will in place or updating a current will. A will provides a legal document that will appoint a guardian for your children, protect a disabled loved one, and make certain that the people in your life receive the inheritance you intend for them.

Avoiding making a will is a bad idea because you risk leaving your loved ones without clear instructions. A will eases the difficulty on the family by providing clear direction about your wishes for everything from your funeral wishes to how, and to whom, your possessions will be distributed. In addition, there are tax planning methods that can be used for asset protection.

If you have put off making a will because you think the process is complicated, you may be surprised at the ease of the process. You complete a questionnaire or interview to state your wishes and our will and probate lawyers use this information to create your will in just a few days. The will must be signed in front of witnesses to be legally binding. You can read more in the guide on our website about how to make a will in UK.

Wills and Estate Planning Services

We provide the level of service required by each client for wills and estate planning. The options available for making a will include creating a will online, sending it by post, or meeting with a solicitor in person. The best method depends on the individual situation. A fairly simple and straightforward will is easy to complete online. However, for larger and more complex estates, you may want to sit down with a solicitor.

Experienced Wills and Probate Solicitors in London

Our wills and probate lawyers have many years of will writing and tax planning experience. We will be happy to review your existing will or guide you through the process of writing a new will. Please browse our website to learn more about our services for wills and estate planning and contact us for an appointment.

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