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Best Will for married couple with child in 2021

A will allows you to convey your wishes and ensure that your possessions are left to your intended beneficiaries. There are certain times in life and changes in situations that necessitate making or altering a will.

A change in marital status is one of those times. SCL Wills and Probate offers drafting services for wills for married couples.

Will for married couple with child


People often put off writing a will because they think the process will be time-consuming, expensive, or because they think they are too young to worry about having a will.

The process is easier and less expensive than you may realize. We offer services for drafting wills for couples at a competitive fixed price, so you shouldn’t worry about the cost.

Legal Advice for Creating Your Will

The law is frequently changing with regards to inheritance and the taxation of estates, so it is important to have your will drafted by a qualified solicitor.

At SCL Wills and Probate, all work is completed by solicitors for wills and probate services that are tailor-made to suit your needs and meet all current legal requirements.

When writing a will, there are tax planning methods that can be used for asset protection. For married couples, leaving everything to a spouse allows them to avoid paying inheritance tax.

Our solicitors can advise you about how taxes can impact your beneficiaries and make sure to put provisions in place to make the will tax-efficient and safeguard your assets for your beneficiaries.

We have wills and probate solicitors in London and the home counties to provide helpful professional advice and guide you through the process of making a will.

Our solicitors will answer your questions, advise you about changes in the law, and explain the best methods to ensure that your wishes are accurately conveyed and safeguard your assets.

In addition to drafting new wills and mirror wills for couples, we offer wills review and updating services. If you have a will that was drafted before marriage or during a prior marriage.

It will be no longer valid on a subsequent marriage so it should be altered to reflect your new situation and make certain that the people currently in your life receive the inheritance you intend for them. When a couple has children, the wills should again be updated to name a guardian and provide for the children.

You may be surprised at the ease of the process of writing a will. You state your wishes in a questionnaire or during an interview also you may wish to include your funeral wishes, guardianship provisions for your children, and how you intend for your possessions to be distributed to your beneficiaries. Our solicitors use this information to create a new will for you and your spouse in just a few days.

After the will is created, you will need to sign it in front of witnesses to ensure that it is legally binding. You can read more about how to make a will in the UK on our website and contact us to get started on your new will.

It is important that a will is stored in a safe place to make sure that your wishes and instructions are conveyed to your loved ones. We offer secure will storage service for our clients.

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