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People put off writing a will for many reasons. They may think they are too young or the process will take too much time or money. The will Wills and Probate solicitors in Hertfordshire at SCL Wills and Probate in Hertfordshire can show you how to make a will. You may find that the process is easier and less expensive than you think.

Writing a will is important, even if you are young and healthy. Accidents can happen at any age. Your will leaves clear instructions for your loved ones. The document eases the difficulty on family members and loved ones because it provides direction about your wishes for your property, money, and other possessions. You can even include information about your preferences for funeral arrangements, which eases the burden on family members.

If you have children or care for a disabled family member, a will is necessary to ensure that you have a plan in place for the people who count on you for their care. You can name a guardian for your children, spell out the inheritance you intend for your children and other loved ones, and provide for a disabled person or anyone else that depends on you for support and care.

In the absence of a will, your money, property, and other possessions will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy. This means that the money and possessions may not go to the people you intend to receive them. If there are no immediate relatives, some of your money and property may pass to the Crown. This can be avoided by making a will.

Our estate planning solicitors in Hertfordshire can guide you in the process of making a will and advise you of tax planning methods that are used to protect assets. In addition to will writing services, we can help with applying for power of attorney in Hertfordshire for a health and welfare or financial power of attorney to make sure you are protected and your wishes are known in the future.

Making Changes to Your Existing Will

Writing a will is important, but the circumstances of life and living situations tend to change over time. A will written when you are young may no longer apply to your current situation. Certain life changes may require altering an existing will. People often make adjustments to wills when they get married, have children, get divorced, face a serious medical diagnosis, or any of a number of other major life changes.

Changes in your life situation or assets may require altering your existing will. For example, you may want to include a new spouse when you get married or exclude an ex-spouse after a divorce. If you gain assets, property, or start a business, you may need to make changes to your will. Our solicitors can review your existing will with you periodically and help you make any necessary changes.

Contact SCL Wills and Probate for help making a will or making changes to your existing will. Our solicitors have many years of will writing and estate planning experience. We can guide you through the process of making a new will and review your existing will to make sure it fits your current situation.

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